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Tree Removal Services

Having a dead or overgrown tree near your home or business can be a danger to your property and your family or employees. Sometimes a tree is simply an eye sore, or can require too much maintenance. Regardless of the reason, our high-tech equipment and professional crew can safely remove any tree from your property with minimal impact. We treat our clients’ properties with the utmost respect and care so that your lawn and landscaping look like nothing ever happened.

Tree Pruning

Keeping your trees pruned is critical for their health and also for your safety. A tree with dead limbs can become a serious hazard during a hurricane or any one of Hampton Roads’ frequent severe storms. To keep your trees looking beautiful and safe, contact us to have our crew professionally prune your trees. Our certified arborist can determine the best limbs to remove for the health and overall aesthetics of the tree. Remember that pruning is a regular maintenance for trees that you should have done every few years.

Stump Grinding

Whether you’ve cut down a tree yourself and need the stump removed or just want us to remove the stump at the time of tree removal, we have all the necessary equipment to safely and completely remove the stump from your yard and back fill the hole so it is safe. We do our best to restore the area where the tree was so that it blends into the rest of your yard or landscaping. We can also recommend safe, non-invasive trees for your space if you choose to replant.

24/7 Emergency Service

There’s never a convenient time for a tree to fall on your property, but even if it happens in the middle of the night or on the weekends, we can help. With hurricanes and severe storms as the norm here in Hampton Roads, it’s good to know there’s someone you can call anytime. If you have a tree service emergency, just call us at 757-546-8855.


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